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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Furniture Covers?

Yes, we do offer Furniture covers, but ONLY for Westminster Furniture, no exceptions. For Covers for furniture other than Westminster Teak, please contact Koveroos.

Because of the resources involved in manufacturing custom made covers and the likelihood that an error in measurement is made:

**Custom made covers are non-refundable, non-returnable, and cannot be canceled....NO EXCEPTIONS!!!**

KoverRoos is good for harsher and windier climates and has a soft inner layer that is gentle on your furniture's finish. This cover is available in Taupe.

SupraRoos offers two layers of protection against high wind and inclement weather. The outer layer provides great UV-resistance while the inner layer adds strength and resistance to sharp edges and corners making the fabric extra tough. This cover is available in White.

WeatherMax was developed out of the need for fabric that would retain its color and strength in the severe outdoor exposure yet still provide a beautiful, rich appearance. It is extremely breathable and durable. All covers have a 5 star rating for rain protection. This cover is available in Toast (tan color), Forest Green, Black, Light Charcoal, Pacific Blue, and White.

Please note that all of our covers are Water Resistant, NOT Waterproof. Water resistant fabrics shed water because of their weave or because they have been treated. They will soak through in a heavy rain, however. The benefit of the water resistant fabric is that the moisture that gets through the fabric will have the ability to evaporate, because the cover fabric breathes. In contrast, Waterproof fabrics cannot be penetrated by water and keep furniture dry, even in heavy rains. These covers may be manufactured by extremely tightly woven materials, such as a fine polyester/nylon blend, rubber, vinyl or plastic, however, these materials do not allow the cover fabric to breathe and in turn allows mold and mildew to form. Additionally, to be waterproof, the cover must be made from a waterproof fabric and have sealed, or taped seams so that rain does not leak in through the small perforations made by sewing needles during the construction of the piece. Sealing and taping seams takes special equipment and considerable extra time. As such, it would add substantially to the cost of the construction of the cover. However, if the cover is made from a water resistant fabric that usually means that a coating has been applied to the fabric to help repel water. Water resistant fabrics work very well for light rains, or drizzles, but may get soaked over time and are not considered to be waterproof.

Please contact us for more information about covers.

**Custom made covers are non-refundable, non-returnable, and cannot be canceled...NO EXCEPTIONS!!!**

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