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Living Large at Sea - Courtesy National Marine Suppliers
By Steve York, York & Company
Volume 7 of Westminster Teak’s Trade Story Series
So…your company has decided to purchase a yacht. And not just any yacht. A “megayacht”!

Business has been good. Very good. Life has been good. Ditto! The corporate profile is well-established, securely anchored, many-branched, solidly international, and has achieved the pinnacle of success; a goalpost you envisioned years ago, and one to which you and your team have invested much of your life’s energies, creativity, time and—most of all—dedication.

On top of that, your company’s financial and global status have reached the level where it can be both smart and realistic to make a major investment in something like this; something that combines both practical application and functional luxury. Plus, you have full and enthusiastic consensus from major officers across your corporate structure. With that in mind and a clear vision of purpose and payback, you’ve decided to make a move that offers reasonably predictable avenues of “ROI” over the long term.

You’ve done your homework. You’ve run long-term financial projections with your CFO and corporate accounting experts, as well as savvy market analysts. You’ve consulted with your full Board and your corporate legal counsel. And you’ve analyzed all the likely pros and cons towards making this type of investment.

Your corporate financial status and projections are especially critical since the annual cost of maintenance and upkeep on a megayacht can be expected to run roughly 10 percent of your original purchase price. That ten percent includes annual docking fees of over $300k, insurance can run well over $200k, and maintenance with repairs can even reach into the millions. Add to that the cost of your crew. So, considering that an average megayacht purchase price (before upfitting) can reach into the tens or—for those yachts longer than 100 meters (over 300 feet)—even hundreds of millions, this purchase consideration has surely kept your corporate accounting team up nights for months.

You’ve also reached out to other yacht owners for first-hand insight. One name that kept popping up from them is a company called National Marine Suppliers; a company with global support of superyachts and megayachts for everything from basic outfitting of existing yachts to actual design and build of new yachts. So, that’s a resource which will head the top of your list as this process evolves.

And—of course—you’ve reviewed all this with your closest and most trusted advisors. Ultimately, you’ve selected the ideal yacht design profile to benefit a broad range of corporate growth objectives and to provide optimum amenities, enjoyment and safety.

In the process, you weighed the option of going with a larger superyacht or taking it to the max with a megayacht. Yes, these terms are often used interchangeably and, sometimes, lumped together under the umbrella term of giga-yacht. But…there is a “measurable” difference.

Technically, all megayachts are superyachts. But not all superyachts are megayachts. By definition, a superyacht is categorized as one that is longer than 24 meters (over 78 feet). But the smallest megayacht would stretch to around 60 meters (over 196 feet) and can reach 92+ meters (over 300 feet). And, although an average superyacht may come with a basic operating crew plus many luxury features and services, a megayacht may offer up to 50 cabins, sleep around 100 guests and require a crew of at least 30 to 50.

A megayacht is also expansive enough to feature in-house cinemas, at least one swimming pool, luxurious dining rooms, separate bar and cocktail lounge, indoor exercise facilities, on-deck recreation and dining, a stage and dance setting for live music complete with state-of-the-art sound engineering, fully staffed spa facilities and—for easy at-sea access—a helipad. In essence, these mammoth vessels are more like ocean-going palaces.

Azzam Megayacht
Megayacht Luxury Features
(megayacht luxury features)
Megayacht Helipad
(megayacht helipad)

Recent reports note that there are over 5,000 superyachts averaging nearly 100 feet in length in service around the world with the largest private megayacht—the Azzam—being owned by Zayed Al Anhayan. This one modestly spans over 180 meters (590 feet) in length and cost him a mere $600 million to build.

So, with this acquisition, your new elite global superyacht “boys club” is likely to include such big names as Google’s former Chairman, Eric Schmidt, the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and even multi-mega-hit movie director, Steven Spielberg.

And, while on the topic of mega-movie-hits…you would have to have spent the past several decades retired to a monkish life and shut off from the world not to have seen any number of block-buster mega-hit films overflowing with exotic locational settings and featuring various superyachts as the posh backdrop for spellbinding action scenes. Scenes full of CGI-empowered feats of valor performed by lead actors and actresses battling maniacal villains who are poised to take over the world following a virtual global holocaust that they, themselves, have set in motion.

Breathtaking “movie magic” scenes that often rampage across the length and width of those enormous superyachts with automatic fire spewing in all directions; martial arts duals that would humble a Shaolin Kung Fu army; death-defying leaps across multi-level yacht decks; heroic life-saving rescues of beautiful and seductive starlets-du-jour; and last-second defusing of horrific doomsday weapons strategically placed and set to explode simultaneously in key international financial centers and government capitals.

One fairly recent example of this movie genre is the 2019 Netflix film entitled 6 Underground, starring Ryan Reynolds along with four other male actors and two female actresses. (Yes, that totals seven. But the seventh is the team’s leader, Ryan Renolds. Plus, one male actor dies early-on and rather graphically during an impossible car chase. So, ultimately, only 6 survive in this flick.). It also stars a famous Lurssen-built megayacht called Kismet. This luxury yacht reaches 95.2 meters (over 312 feet) and is the setting for one of the most spectacular “good guy vs. bad guy” battles ever filmed.

In those climatic heart-pounding moments of director-crafted audience anxiety, the real star looming large upon the big screen is that long, sleek, luxury-appointed megayacht which commanded our attention during the crucial, battle-defining cinematic spectacle. It “commanded our attention”, that is…before being blown-up and sunk by our band of heroic protagonists, who magically escape to a waiting helicopter that captures our villain and delivers him to his just ends. And, although we certainly applaud the victory of our world-saving “good guys” team, we can’t help but mourn the loss of that wondrous and most magnificent megayacht.

Kismet Megayacht
Kismet Megayacht
(Kismet megayacht at sea and its final movie moments)

Of course, that Kismet megayacht never was actually blown up. Incredibly detailed models, some tightly edited slow-mo camera trickery and more CGI special effects gave a convincing impression that nothing remained of that grand vessel except splintered debris and smoldering ash sinking into the churning ocean’s depths. But what would the climax of these mega-movie-battles be without a grand explosion to end all explosions?

Other mega-action flicks co-starring superyachts include the 2003 international political thriller, Syriana, starring George Clooney, Matt Damon and featuring the Helios 2 yacht. Notably, there was also 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio “living large” on board his lavish Lady M/M3 a.k.a “Nadine” party boat. And, more recently, the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston comedy hit, Murder Mystery, which features the Sarastar superyacht.

Helios 2 Superyacht
(Helios 2 Superyacht)
Lady M/M3 Superyacht
(Lady M/M3 Superyacht)
Sarastar Superyacht
(Sarastar Superyacht)

But, without question, most often known for their love affair with superyachts in high drama scenes are the classic James Bond movies. Alongside super cars, super motorcycles, super planes, supersonic rocket ships, and—frequently—super models, some of the biggest stars and show-stealers in all James Bond films are those magnificent superyachts and megayachts.

Dating all the way back to 1983 and the Bond film entitled Octopussy starring Roger Moore, no less than five such sea giants have graced the waters in those excessively larger-than-life films.

The 2006 film, Casino Royale, which starred Daniel Craig and Eva Green, co-stared a Sunseeker XS2000 named Predator 108 which was also actually named Casino Royale. This beauty stretched to nearly 108 feet from bow to stern and was loaded with every luxury amenity imaginable.

Casino Royale Superyacht
(Casino Royale Superyacht)

Other 007 films, such as 1999’s The World is Not Enough, 2002’s Die Another Day (both starring Pierce Brosnan) and 2008’s Quantum of Solace (starring Daniel Craig) also showcased Sunseeker superyachts, continuing the saga of mating superyachts with superheroes.

Quantum of Solace Megayacht/Sunseeker Sovereign
(Quantum of Solace Megayacht/Sunseeker Sovereign 17)
Quantum of Solace Megayacht Interior
(Quantum of Solace Megayacht Interior)
Quantum of Solace Megayacht Spa & Ocean Deck
(Quantum of Solace Megayacht Spa & Ocean Deck)

In the real world, there are plenty of equally glamorous lifestyles as those portrayed in these Bond films; though rarely do those lifestyles involve plots to blow up civilization. Often as not, these superyachts and megayachts end up serving multiple purposes; business, political and social; and, frequently, addressing all those purposes at once. And, as noted above, there’s always the opportunity to lease your yacht out to movie producers and other yachting enthusiasts looking for a more dramatic at-sea experience and/or the space and amenities capable of entertaining a larger number of guests.

So, in your case, you chose a serious megayacht, undoubtedly envisioning the blending of social enjoyments with business agendas plus film and/or other lease-out requests. And, to do that, you developed a strategic mapping of exactly what would be needed to match your vision for utilizing your company’s palace-of-the-sea to its fullest potential.

You’ve also weighed the options of buying an existing yacht or having yours custom built. Based on current yacht market availability, your optimum timeline for operation, plus overall cost projections, you’ve opted to go with a custom build. Now, with that decision made, it’s time to review all design considerations for your gorgeous new sea monster, inside and out, bow to stern. And, as you soon learned, custom design options and all outfitting can be as big a job as any other part of purchasing and taking your boat to the water.

This process can embrace everything from sourcing your captain, crew and uniforms to updating guest cabins, bridge, pool, dining room, galley, food and beverage stock, sky lounge, spa and bath items, bedding, interior and deck furnishings, fixtures and accessories, appliances, communications, entertainment and recreational toys, communications, engineering, mooring and docking, cleaning, safety and medical needs…all equipment, gear, provisions, supplies, extras, shipping, logistics and expertise which your new, self-contained resort-on-the-water will require to meet megayacht and sea-worthy standards.

Given that enormous task in front of you and the unanimous recommendations of other megayacht owners, you’ve connected with the aforementioned National Marine Suppliers at their headquarters in the Yachting Capital of the World, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Their track record and services profile positions them to be uniquely and fully capable of accommodating both custom build as well as refitting of existing yachts, plus all your custom design and logistical support needs.

Hands down, yacht owner consensus is that, from “concept” to “construction” to “cast off”, National Marine Suppliers European New Build headquarters, based right in the heart of Holland’s Superyacht Shipyard and near the Port of Amsterdam, has the expertise and experience to bring your dream megayacht to life and to sea. And they boast 22 distinctive departments servicing everything from appliances to your own special custom yacht solutions as well as storage.

Concept to design Concept to construction Concept to amenities
(Concept to design, to construction, to amenities, to sea.)
Photos courtesy National Marine Suppliers Photos courtesy National Marine Suppliers
Photos courtesy National Marine Suppliers

Anything and everything imaginable needed for the entire yachting community is available anytime and anywhere at sea and on land. They even have walk-in ship stores with over 40,000 items always in stock to add or replace supplies and gear or just get expert advice on the “care and feeding” of your yacht and your yachting adventures.

Currently National Marine Suppliers operates four different ship store locations including their original Fort Lauderdale 200,000 square foot warehouse as well as their other Fort Lauderdale location in Bahia Mar Marina—plus stores at the Isle de Sol Marina in St. Maarten and Yacht Haven Grande in St. Thomas.

Dining Dining Bath & spa Bath & spa
Dock Dock Interior Bath & spa
(dock, dining, interiors, bath & spa)
Motosport Gear Motosport Gear
(motorsport toys & gear)
Concierge service Concierge service Concierge service Concierge service
(concierge services)
Above photos courtesy National Marine Suppliers

From interiors to exteriors…from function to ambiance…from essentials to indulgences…from the smallest gadgetry to the largest technology…for all the expected and unexpected, National Marine Suppliers sees their role as fulfilling everything you need plus those extra touches you’ve yet to consider. And that includes supplying only the highest quality rated brands and the widest selections on the market; many of which are especially designed for adaptability and durability during extended at-sea megayacht use.

One type of furnishing common to almost all yachts, from the smallest personal yachts to the largest megayachts is on-deck teak furnishing. That generally includes everything from deck chairs to recliners, from bars to bar stools and accessories, from larger dining tables and chairs to smaller coffee tables. And the brand often supplied by National Marine Suppliers is from Westminster Teak. Their all-natural, premium grade teak wood and beautiful appearance compliments all yachting on-deck and lounging applications, including sunbathing, cocktail hour, poolside and spa-side seating and casual dining.

And, since quality brand products are essential to servicing National Marine Suppliers’ elite megayacht owners, the high standard of manufacturing and design offered by Westminster Teak ideally fits the upscale caliber profile of their clientele; as well as the many on-board and on-land uses for Westminster Teak’s total-teak and teak/stainless steel lines. Yacht-associated designer collections such as their Barbuda, Odyssey and Surf lines are common choices for their customers. And the trade discounts offered by Westminster Teak help make that choice even more attractive for suppliers like National Marine Suppliers.

Westminster Teak’s COO, Scott Dixon, notes that they’ve been working with National Marine Suppliers since 2008 and have developed a close, almost family-type, relationship with their Senior Sales Associate, Kim Laustra. "Kim has been a pleasure to work with,” notes Dixon. “Besides being a great customer of Westminster Teak, she has become a friend. Whenever we have the pleasure of talking, it isn't just about business. We talk about our kids, our family, our life and our dreams.”

“Our nautical-styled collections like Barbuda, Odyssey and Surf always work great for National Marine Suppliers’ yachting customers,” Dixon says. “Many of the pieces they choose include a variety of folding chairs, director and captain chairs as well as a variety of tables. Our Scandinavian architecture inspired Surf collection is natural for both sea and land. And the marine grade 316L stainless steel and eco-friendly premium teak combination in our bold, lean Odyssey collection is as sea-worthy as it gets.”

“So, aside from the quality craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and at-sea durability, these easy-to-fold designs make many of these pieces ideal for moving around on board to various settings or for storing when not in use. And this is just one example of how National Marine Suppliers can provide you with everything you may need to launch and set to sea with full confidence. Oh, and by the way, our Westminster Teak Horizon loungers were used on the yacht for the film Wolf of Wall Street,” he adds.

Westminster Teak Horizon Loungers
(Westminster Teak Horizon Loungers)
Westminster Teak on yacht
Odyssey chair ottoman set Odysset set Barbuda double streamer set Surf dining set
(Westminster Teak Barbuda, Odyssey & Surf Deck & Dining Chairs, Recliners, Tables & Ottomans)

Now, with your new megayacht purchase made and all these yacht upfit products and services available via a one-source company like National Marine Suppliers, there is one more critical consideration to address: Your many at-sea, on-land and port-to-port supplies, repair, watersport, transportation, recreational and concierge demands will be ongoing long after your first launch. So, obviously, you’ll also require a reliable resource to supply you with whatever you need whenever you need it.

Once again, the aforementioned National Marine Suppliers has positioned itself as a 24-hour, worldwide and multi-officed yacht support group and the world’s number one choice for megayacht owners, captains and crews. Of course, that’s a big mantle to wear and an even bigger role to fulfill. But, after a simple glance at their website — – it seems apparent that they can easily fill that role and then some. And, to further amplify that notion, their toll-free number is 1-800-MEGAYACHT!

With all those megayacht industry credos powering their business profile, it’s also nice to know that National Marine Suppliers is very much in the business of “giving back”. They are big supporters of charitable and sporting events.

One perfect example is their annual Yachty National Invitational Golf Tournament event. The April 2023 “sponsor-packed”, ”costume-adorned” tournament extravaganza, held at Woodmont Country Club in Tamarac, Florida was one of the largest and most successful yet. And, in line with the company’s spirit of charitable commitment, proceeds of $13,247.00 raised from the tournament went to benefit the Children’s Diagnostic and Treatment Center. This charitable operation promotes the optimal health and well-being of children and youth with special healthcare needs by providing family-centered, comprehensive prevention, intervention, and treatment services.

Golf tournament
Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers
Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers

Other National Marine Suppliers charitable and out-right party-time events have included their annual White Dress Charity Gala in support of Breast Cancer Awareness; a cause dear to the hearts of management and employees of National Marine Suppliers. Add to that their YachtBikers Poker Run and—for pure fun and entertainment—there’s nothing like their Rockstarz “Party Like a RockStar” Customer Appreciation blast. So, while their worldwide operation is on the job 24/7, they also make time for supporting worthwhile causes, showing their yachting customers real appreciation, rewarding their teammates…and doing all that in the spirit of fun and celebration.

Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers
Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers

Founded by CEO Dean du Toit over 30 years ago, National Marine Suppliers has apparently set the standard for yacht supply and support services and is staffed with much more than simple counter clerks and order takers.

As official members of the USSA (U.S. Superyacht Association) since 2011, their “mega-staff” is built upon captains, engineers, mates, chefs and stewardesses who possess years of first-hand knowledge and hands-on expertise in all areas of yacht build, supply and operations. So, you’re always dealing with someone who’s “been there-and-done that” professionally.

These are specialists in their fields who have worked alongside countless yacht owners, captains, crews and management companies throughout their 30+ years in business.

Headquarter Founder Dean du Toit Team
(National Marine Suppliers Headquarters…Founder/Dean du Toit…National Marine Suppliers Team)
Photos courtesy of National Marine Suppliers

With this team at your side, your next big decision is to plan for your official christening and launch date. Until then, it seems that the only thing National Marine Suppliers can't absolutely supply for you is the assurance that your palace-on-the-sea will be cast to play a starring role in the newly reinvented Bond movies, or any number of other superhero action scenes set aboard a megayacht.

But…just in case…we'll be watching.


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