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Celebrate the sustainability, durability and overall beauty of teak!
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By Steve York, York & Company
Volume 8 of Westminster Teak’s Trade Stories
Join us for Trade Stories, Volume 8, Embark on a thrilling deep-sea fishing adventure in the Florida Keys with Release Marine, a renowned manufacturer of sportfishing equipment. Release Marine is one of Westminster Teak's premier trade partners for exquisite teak furniture. Based in Savannah, Georgia, Release Marine boasts over four decades of expertise in crafting custom fighting chairs, helm chairs, and other accessories tailored to the needs of fishing yachts and luxury superyachts. Founded in 1978, Release Marine has become synonymous with top-tier craftsmanship and durability. With a commitment to conservation and customer satisfaction, Release Marine ensures every angler has the tools they need for a successful and unforgettable fishing expedition.
Part 1: Key Largo…the perfect port to launch a Florida Keys fishing adventure.

It’s dawn…a little after 6:30 am. The sun is just waking up out of the east over the Atlantic Ocean and generously embracing seaside ports all along and up and down the Florida Keys. This morning’s mid-May sunrise presents a golden, rosy-blue, gray-amber and purple splotch of lingering clouds over a truly stunning horizon.

An image of a tropical sunrise in Key West with residential homes with palm trees and a dock showing seven docked boats overlooking the ocean.

For both residents and visitors, sunrises and sunsets along the Keys are not only spectacular, but they are often celebrated with morning and evening festivities…especially by various local tourist attractions. And that tradition also involves boat captains, their crews and their guests who gather together on board to pay homage to these twice-daily solar “showboating” events.

As we greet this morning’s sunrise, our charter captain’s sleek, 80-foot, custom-furnished and outfitted fishing yacht is docked in Key Largo’s Pilot House Restaurant & Marina on Seagate Blvd. Just down from the Marina Del Mar Resort & Marina (the largest deep water marina for boats 60-feet and under), the Pilot House is famous for its restaurant cuisine, special events, live music entertainment every Friday and Saturday night, and an even livelier bar scene. It’s also the main Key Largo marina for accommodating larger yachts up to 80 feet LOA (overall length) like ours.

 An image of the Pilot House Restaurant Marina in Key Largo, Florida with several docked boats with a boathouse and mangroves and trees with blue sky in the background.
(Pilot House Marina & Restaurant Setting)

Key Largo is the northernmost point of all the Florida Keys and only about a two hour drive from south Florida’s two major airports…yet is an entirely other world apart from the mainland’s busy, bustling Florida scene.

It’s a luxurious paradise of beautiful botanical gardens, pristine waters, white sandy beaches, state and national parks—including the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park—exotic tropical hardwood trees, quaint shops, a national marine sanctuary, the aforementioned large deep water marina and a lifestyle that many would envy. All-in-all, Key Largo is widely considered to be the prettiest of all the Keys.

A vibrant view of tropical landscape vegetation of Crotons, cabbage palms, and hot pink Bougainvillea climbing a concrete wall in the background. Landscaping lined with rocks along one side of a sidewalk with green grass on the opposite side near the street.
(Botanical Gardens)
An image of a white gazebo with palm trees and sea grape shrubs on the beach with the ocean and blue sky background in Key Largo, Florida.
(Gazebo/Key Largo Beaches)
An image of a breakfast sign with tropical shrubs and blue sky  in Key Largo, Florida.
(Street Shops)
An image of a coral reef in John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida.
(John Pennekamp Coral Park)

And it’s the perfect port from which to launch a challenging big-game fishing vacation down the exotic chain of coral cay archipelago known as the Florida Keys; a string of bejeweled islands that arch southwest for nearly 120 miles from Florida’s southernmost tip towards the Gulf of Mexico. With May’s calmer seas and warm water temps in the mid 70’s to 80’s, it’s also a perfect season for fishing the Keys.

These ports of paradise are famous for their exceptional deep sea sport fishing, reef, shipwreck and pier fishing, along with all kinds of boating, water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving and simply retiring from the stress and hassles of mainland life. And, of course, beyond the unmatched adventure of trolling the Keys, a foremost goal for any fishing charter is to catch at least one big blue marlin before week’s end.

Part 2: How to catch the Big Blue Marlin

So… what does it take to haul in a prize Atlantic Blue Marlin while trolling the deep ocean waters off the Florida Keys? First off, are we talking male or female? Because there is a “big” difference. While males can average about seven feet long and weigh up to 400 pounds, the female can actually reach double that length—14 feet—and weigh from 1400 to 2000 pounds, with the average scaling up to around 1500 pounds.

Frankly, when you’re going for these amazing creatures, that same big game fishing basics apply; with the larger females simply putting up a much greater fight for a longer period of time. And, in that case, you’re likely committed to several hours of exhausting yet exhilarating combat. Even the most experienced anglers have been known to spend up to a half day before becoming the victor. So, in either case, it takes skill, strength, endurance, patience, a little help from the crew…plus a little luck thrown in.

After all, this is a life struggle pitting your will against that of a very powerful and determined fish; a fish that has over 12-million years of evolution molding it into a master of battling for its survival and dominance in its class of saltwater billfish; a category that also includes the sailfish, swordfish and amberjack…fish that are weaponized and characterized by their long sword-like bills.

An image of a swordfish swimming in the ocean. An image of a swordfish eating a fish in the ocean. An image of an Amberjack fish swimming in the ocean.
(Swordfish, Sailfish & Amberjack)

The fully grown female blue marlin is the largest and most aggressive of its Atlantic species and—as savvy saltwater anglers will attest—it is often revered around the world as the most prized game fish and one of the toughest to catch. Once hooked on the line, it is notorious for performing multiple dramatic leaps above the waves and high into the air followed by quick high-speed dives back into the water. To hold it during all this requires just the right pressure on the line to keep your fish from dislodging the hook during one of its leaps and savage whiplash headshakes. From then on, it’s a matter of continuing to “pump and reel” at varying angle degrees until it's close enough boatside to haul it aboard.

An image of a Blue Marlin fish leaping out of the ocean.
(Atlantic Blue Marlin)

For the newcomer to this challenge, some recommend first going for the smaller White Marlin. While less in size—ranging up to over nine feet and up to 180 pounds—it still puts up a serious fight and, like its larger cousins, can guarantee quite a show with some amazing leaps in and out of the waves. In addition, there’s also the formidable the Black Marlin. In any case, you’re in for a thrilling experience.

Secondly…you need the right captain and the right crew with a proven track record for anticipating where the fish will be on any given day and for landing the type of game fish you’re hunting. And, whether bottom fishing around reefs, rocks and shipwrecks or out on open waters to snag, hold and reel in those big beauties, it naturally takes the right selection of rods, reels, gear, tackle, bait, lures and…the experienced “know how” from your captain and crew on what gear to use and how to use it.

Finally, you need the right boat…and you need that boat to be fully equipped and furnished. For many, the best source of saltwater fishing yacht equipment, marine tables and accessories is a nearly 40-year-old company called Release Marine located in Savannah, Georgia.

Part 3: The optimum deep sea fishing yacht equipment
An image of Release Marine graphic logo on a white background

Aside from it earning high recommendations from a vast majority within the sport fishing industry, it only takes one look at their product line and craftsmanship in action to see why Release Marine is considered by many to be the standard by which the industry measures.

A side view image of people fishing at a Blue Marlin Tournament on a boat in the ocean. An image of Release Marine fishing boat named Ay Caramba side view with people fishing on the ocean.
(Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament & the 66 ft. “Ay Caramba” Yacht/Equipped by Release Marine)

Founded in 1978 by Sam Peters and his partner, Jonathan Guarisco, the company started out with a passion for building fishing boats. This was at a time when the average smaller fishing boat (20+ feet) was not designed or fully equipped for venturing into deeper waters for big game fish. So, they began building a line of faster, hardier boats that were capable of real offshore fishing for larger catches like marlin and tuna. And, to handle that challenge, they knew they would need to upgrade these boats with well-designed fighting chairs for battling with those bigger fish for extended periods of time.

Eventually, as fishing boat manufacturing evolved, Release Marine turned its attention towards specializing in the designing, engineering, building and finishing of high quality, marine grade custom fighting chairs and helm chairs as well as accessories like step boxes and tackle boxes…a business model that ultimately lead to them expanding their product line to include marine grade crafted and finished rocket launchers, battle saddles, bench helm seating, helm chairs, bar stools, tackle drawer boxes, bait trays, salon marine tables and tabletops for use on larger sport fishing boats and yachts of all sizes including superyachts and megayachts. And everything they have created has been designed and engineered to assure optimum performance, comfort, elegance, toughness, functionality and durability.

Along with the highest grade materials used in their designs (solid teak wood, stainless steel hardware and trim, custom ordered fabrics and hand sewn upholstery , etc.), they quickly became widely recognized for their exceptional and exclusively formulated ultra high-end gloss finishes created to enhance both the look and durability of their products under all extremes of use, weather and harsh saltwater conditions.

Today, Release Marine is broadly heralded as the quintessential resource for this level of custom design for all sizes and designs of fishing yachts as well as luxury superyachts.

An image of the Helm chairs showing the back view on the ocean. An image of 84' Jarrett Bay Hull 60, Reel Development on the ocean. An image of the interior of the boat showing tables and chairs.
(84' Jarrett Bay Hull 60, "Reel Development". Photos courtesy Jarrett Bay Boatworks / Lift Films)
NOTE: Release Marine custom built the helm chairs, fighting chair (not shown), tables & barstools for this luxury fish yacht.

The extent of Release Marine’s craftsmanship, exceptional marine grade finishes along with the range of their vast product line is so impressive as to be almost overwhelming. And their custom design expertise enables them to fit their products to virtually any boat’s interior and exterior requirements.

Image of the Rocket Launcher Image of the Bench Helm Image of the Bar top and stools
(Rocket Launcher, Bench Helm Seating, Bar Top & Stools)
“Image of the Fighting Chair Image of the Marine tables and stools Image of the Battle Saddle and Helm chairs
(Fighting Chair, Marine Tables & Stools Battle Saddle & Helm Chairs)
Image of the Free Standing Rocket Launchers. Image of the Free Standing Rocket Launchers. Image of the teak step stool. Image of the marine table set.
(Free Standing Rocket Launchers, Step Box, Exterior Marine Table Set)

Generally speaking, all of these Release Marine products make the adventure of deep sea fishing more enjoyable, more comfortable, more functional and more productive. But as the experienced angler knows, when you’re fighting big fish on the other end of your line, there are certain indispensable pieces of equipment that have their own unique purpose and benefit.

For example, veteran anglers rely on Fighting Chairs and Battle Saddles that help keep them safely and securely positioned to fight with those bigger fish. The Fighting Chair—ideal for larger boats with more space in the stern cockpit—allows you to use heavier tackle and drag settings, meaning less time spent fighting, thus more potential fish caught. Battle Saddles—which are especially useful for small to mid-size boats—come with adjustable style harness clips, a comfortable teak wood bucket seat, rod storage and bait tray; all designed to help equalize the advantage during the battle, no matter the size and experience-level of the angler. And Rocket Launchers provide for carrying more rods and reels prepped with various rigs and lures while keeping them conveniently close at hand for immediate use as needed.

These specialized pieces of equipment are big stars in the lineup of Release Marine products. Of course, to get the big picture on the full line of Release Marine’s products and the superior design workmanship behind those products, nothing tells the story better than the generous number of photos and descriptions on their website (

Part 4: Behind the scenes at Release Marine

At the helm of Release Marine management today is its President, Matt Hecht. No newcomer to the boating and sportfishing world, Hecht grew up in Cape Cod surrounded by the commercial fishing industry. So, he clearly had fishing and boating in his blood, plus an early-on desire to build boats.

Throughout high school and college Hecht spent summers as a mate on a private boat. And, upon graduation from Virginia Tech with a degree in Engineering, he was immediately offered a great engineering job. But, at the time…he also had an offer to become a boatmate traveling and fishing all through the Caribbean along with Central and South America.

So, following his passion, he took the boat mate’s job. “It was a great opportunity and learning experience,” Hecht noted. “I did that for a few years before deciding I needed to take on a serious career. As it turned out, during my time traveling and fishing as a boat mate, I came to meet and know Release Marine’s cofounder, Sam Peters. So, when I’d decided to make that career move, Sam offered me a job with his company…and I’ve been there ever since. That was 17 years ago,” Hecht added.

An image of Release Marine’s Co- Founder, Sam Peters. An image of Release Marine’s Co- Founder Sam Peters and President,  Matt Hecht standing beside a prized tuna. An image of Release Marine’s President Matt Hecht with their products in background.
(Sam Peters…Matt Hecht & Sam Peters with prize Tuna…Matt Hecht in Shop)

As for the company’s distinctive name, Release Marine…it’s grounded in the philosophy of “catch and release”. Due to the danger of bigger trophy fish being “overfished” to the point of near depletion, many conscientious leaders in the fishing industry have adopted the policy of—once having caught and documenting the catch—to then release it back into the sea to live, swim and breed another day. That’s especially fitting—as Hecht points out—since the blue marlin, swordfish and sailfish aren’t generally considered that tasty anyway…thus not typically sought as the best seafood choice.

“From our early days, Release Marine has always been a strong advocate for the conservation of big game fish,” notes Hecht. So, we have long been committed to the practice of “catch and release”. We’re also proud to be a big supporter of and contributor to The Billfish Foundation (TBF) which is dedicated to the catch, tag and release policy for these billfish breeds.”

An image of The Billfish Foundation yellow Signature Jacket. An image of the Billfish Foundation graphic logo on a white background. Closeup view of The Billfish Foundation necklace on a woman wearing a white t-shirt and red and black plaid shirt.

Big on customer service, Release Marine is known for having a uniquely talented design team and skilled craftsmen; a company that prides itself on blending new trends in technology with traditional woodworking skills and principles. “We’re a small, all American-made, custom builder of handmade products for all types of fishing boats and yachts of all sizes and all designed to fit their special needs and design themes,” notes Hecht.

In order to meet those special needs, the Release Marine team works closely with boat owners and their boat designers to craft everything so as to fit the exact space specifications, the design aesthetics and the overall functionality of their type of boat.

Along with the company’s impressive product line is their list of equally impressive clients. “Our customers include individual boat owners, commercial sport fishing boats, console boats, boat manufacturers, boat brokers plus owners and builders of motor yachts and megayachts,” says Hecht. “And—we’re proud to say—those superyacht owners also include nationally and internationally famous celebrities, professional athletes, world-famous musicians, international royalty, and many famous names you’d immediately recognize. It’s really the whole gamut of the marine market both wholesale and retail,” he added.

While working with those larger superyacht and megayacht customers, Release Marine found that those customers needed high quality and sea-worthy casual tables, chairs and other seating for both interiors and exteriors. So, since teak wood is the best choice for exposed saltwater settings , the company turned to specialty teak furniture manufacturers like Westminster Teak. And, as Scott Dixon of Westminster Teak notes, that partnership has proven to be a true win/win for both companies and their customers.

“Release Marine is a premier fishing fighting chair manufacturer”, says Dixon. “They are the pinnacle, setting the standard for others to follow. In that pursuit, they have perfected the finishes for outdoor and yachting products including our teak furnishings. And their finishes are second to none.”

Westminster Teak’s Barbuda Director’s Chair Westminster Teak’s Barbuda Folding Armchair Westminster Teak’s Barbuda Folding Chair Westminster Teak’s Teak Steamer Chair Westminster Teak’s Laguna Teak Lounge Chair Westminster Teak’s Maya Chaise Lounger Westminster Teak’s Barbuda Ottoman Side Table Westminster Teak’s Barbuda Recliner Chair Westminster Teak’s Bistro Teak Square Dining Table
(Westminster Teak’s Barbuda Director’s Chair, Barbuda Folding Armchair, Barbuda Folding Chair, Teak Steamer Chair, Laguna Teak Lounge Chair, Maya Chaise Lounger, Barbuda Ottoman Side Table, Barbuda Recliner Chair, Bistro Teak Square Dining Table)
Westminster Teak’s Surf Chair Westminster Teak’s Teak Surf Armchair Westminster Teak’s Laguna Teak Backless Bench Westminster Teak’s Kafelonia Side Table Westminster Teak’s Kafelonia Teak Club Chair
(Westminster Teak’s Surf Chair, Teak Surf Armchair, Laguna Teak Backless Bench, Kafelonia Side Table, Kafelonia Teak Club Chair…all pieces included for Release Marine Customers)

“They’ve also done the yacht finishes on many of our own customers’ products—including for our superyachts and celebrity megayachts customers with their high-gloss Marine Grade Finish and a Superyacht White finish for our Veranda Collection. In addition, Westminster Teak’s Horizon loungers that were featured on the Yacht for the film, The Wolf of Wall Street, included finishes by Release Marine,” added Dixon.

Closeup view of armrest of the Kafelonia Chair in marine grade finish on white background. An image of Lady M megayacht aerial starboard side view cruising on the sea. An image of Veranda 5 piece square Dining Set in Satin White finish on grass lawn with trees in background.
(Westminster Teak’s Release Marine Superyacht Finishes: Kafelonia Chair, Wolf of Wall Street Horizon Loungers & Veranda White)

The classic nautical designs, sturdy manufacturing and long-lasting durability of Westminster Teak’s wide range of products offered Release Marine a line of teak furniture that not only complimented their yacht customers’ designs but that they could be proud to offer those customers. And, by adding their own proprietary ultra high-end marine grade finishes to Westminster Teak’s pieces, Release Marine could assure even longer durability and beauty to those teak furnishings.

Part 5: On board & on course down the Florida Archipelago to Key West

Now that our boat is loaded with the best fishing equipment, furnishings and accessories possible—and our charter customers having been prepped on the world of big game trophy fishing—our yacht is ready to release mooring lines and cast off.

And what a yacht it is! Like this 80-foot Viking 80C monohull yacht, it is a work of art and superior technology; able to cut through the waves anytime you’re going after those hard-fighting saltwater champions. Our yacht is custom designed to optimize the most challenging offshore deep sea fishing while providing charter guests plenty of long-term live-aboard flexibility for extended charter schedules. The four staterooms plus extra comfortable accommodations make it a luxurious sea-going home away from home. And it’s plenty powerful for high-speed chases for those big game fish.

Without question, this yacht is a true beauty, trimmed and furnished to the max…a deep-sea, saltwater fisherman’s dream—and with nothing spared towards landing those prize catches…thanks in large part to being fully equipped by the aforementioned Release Marine.

An aerial view of Viking Yachts cruising on the ocean.

Our captain is a second-generation fishing charter skipper and his requisite “6-Pack” USCG license (United States Coast Guard Operator’s license for a limit of six passengers) is posted above the console on the bridge. He grew up in South Florida around boats and fishing. At one point his father had started a weekend charter fishing business where, in his youth, our captain served as a crew mate. So, this was familiar territory for his adult life on the sea. He’s most commonly known as “Cap Freddy” or, more simply, “Skip”. And today he’s totally pumped to get this fishing voyage underway.

His charter customers—two couples from Maine in their mid-30’s—are on board and being run through the usual preliminary routines. Fortunately, this is not exactly their “first rodeo” for saltwater fishing. They’ve done several inshore junkets off the coast of South Portland before and have become familiar with saltwater fishing closer to land. Along with being famous for “main lobster” and scenic ports, a near-shore Portland saltwater harvest can include mackerel, striped bass, toothy bluefish and more.

An image of lobster boats docked at the Custom House Wharf in Portland, Maine. An image of Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse in South Portland, Maine. An image of a Mackerel in a school swimming in the ocean. An image of 3 fishing boats moored in Stonington, Maine.

But now, they feel they’re ready for something a little more ambitious, plus a dramatic change of scenery, a more tropical ocean setting and a radically different cultural experience. And, to keep things simple, they’ve decided to leave everything to the captain and crew to supply (including all fishing tackle, hooks, lines, baits/lures/jigs/shark hooks, rods, reels, etc.).

With that in mind, all the charter prep work was done the night before so that, by dawn, all the fishing gear was loaded. All supplies were double-checked and in place. Tackle boxes were filled with a more than ample supply of lures and bait including shrimp, shellfish, squid, a variety of bait fish and cut bait; a good mix to help assure a great range of catch.

The galley and bar have been stocked with plenty of food and drink per the provisions list as requested. Our captain and crew have reviewed all gear, safety equipment, quarters and furnishings, fishing setup and have schooled our Maine customers with the rules of the charter. So, all that’s left to do now is enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

This charter itinerary is headed out to some big emerald-blue water for an exciting week-long adventure starting from our northern Key Largo homebase and sailing south/southwest along the Keys to lslamorada (a.k.a. the sport fishing capital of the world). It’s there that we’ll discover the Islamorada Hump—technically a “seamount” or underwater mountain—that rises up from the seabed to within 290 ft. of the ocean surface. And it’s this unique oceanic topography that tends to attract a rich variety of fish to congregate, feed and end up on your hook.

 An aerial view of the Florida Keys. A closeup image of a map of south Florida with a red pinpoint on Key Largo, Florida. An image of the mangrove islands around Islamorada, Florida.

From there, it’s all the way down to Key West; the farthest of the Keys and some 79 nautical miles…or just under 100 miles if driving from upper Key Largo to Key West via the Florida Keys Oversea Highway. This is where ocean depths can range 250 ft. to 650 ft. and more when only 10 to 20 miles offshore.

Our first-time Keys’ charter guests are in for quite a trek along this run of coral cays. It’s considered an angler’s paradise and renowned for deep sea fishing with crystal clear waters that are home to a wide array of game fish such as Sailfish, Cobia, Blackfin Tuna, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi, Grouper and more, including sharks. The stunning scenery from port to port plus the abundance of vibrant marine life help make the Keys a “destination of choice” for serious saltwater trolling.

An image of a big game fishing boat with 2 seagulls flying overhead and a closeup of a large swordfish jumping out of the ocean. An image of a fishing pole on an Angler big game fishing  boat in the ocean with the sun low on the horizon.  An image of a fisherman on a boat holding a Grouper fish with ocean and blue skies background A gameboat with game fishing showing a Marlin fighting and jumping out of the ocean with blue sky in the background.
(Marline Strikes, Open Water Fishing, Large Grouper Catch)

Along the way, the yacht will be stopping overnight while our charter customers take in all the usual sites, exotic culture, tropical gardens, restaurants and night spots, live music, historical landmarks, beachside bars and barbeques, scuba diving and tourist attractions that each of the Keys have to offer.

An image of a scuba diver and a gray angelfish swimming around coral reef.
 An image of the Boca Chita lighthouse at the entrance to Boca Chita Key Harbor at Biscayne National Park in the upper Florida Keys.
An image of the historic Captain Tony’s Saloon which was the original site of Sloppy Joe’s in downtown Key West, Florida.
An image of fireworks at the end of the pier in Key West, Florida.

But, as our charter customers will quickly learn, when they’re back on the water and it’s just them and that fierce fish on the other end of their line, they’re always battling with truly powerful predators of the deep who are famous for their dramatic acrobatic displays, lightning strikes and sudden dives beneath the waves. It is exactly this kind of action they are looking for and that will inspire their many fish tales.

Of course, our captain has supplied only the best heavy-duty rods with high-line capacity reels for managing the larger game fish. Plus, his crew will help maintain position and control during each battle. This is the type of deep sea setting where those Release Marine products like Fighting Chairs, Rocket Launchers, Battle Saddles plus all their other equipment are put to the test and really shine; earning their honors as indispensable to both the seasoned deep sea fisherman as well as the novice.

As an added treat, it’s not uncommon to witness various competitive deep sea sport fishing tournaments that occur year-round and bring out many of the best of fishermen, all fighting continuously for trophy fish and cash awards. There are several such tournaments during May including the Mother’s Day Dolphin competition at the Marathon Key plus the Islamorada Golden Fly Invitational Tarpon Tournament. And, if, when you return back to port in Key Largo, you decide to hang through the end of May, there’s the 3-day Annual Skippers Dolphin Tournament at Skippers Dockside Restaurant. These events draw contestants from all over to fill the sea with their best fishing boats and their best anglers; all competing for serious prize money, and many providing generous cash awards to worthy charities.

 An image of a person holding a Snapper fish with ocean and blue sky background.  Images of participants that attended the IGFA Premier Invitational Fly Fishing tournament in Florida Keys. An image of 3 fisherman holding a large Dolphin fish in the Florida Keys.

Finally, once reaching Key West and docking at the large Perry Marina, you’re welcomed by another bejeweled string—a mile-long row of street light-lit bars, enticing restaurants, art galleries and nightlife strung along Duval Street—along with the ongoing Sunset Celebrations at Mallory Square and, of course, the world-famous literary landmark known as the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum.

For, as historically boasted, Key West is where the prolific and often controversial Hemingway penned many well-known short stories plus such classic novels as A Farewell to Arms, To Have and Have Not, Death in the Afternoon, Greens Hills of Africa and, of course, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

An image of downtown Key West showing shops, restaurants, and bars on Duval Street in Key West, Florida. An image of Sloppy Joe’s Bar at night on the corner of Duval St. and Greene St. An image of Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West in lime-colored Spanish Colonial style with covered porch with wooden shutters and a tropical garden landscape. Wooden sign on a brick wall outside the entrance of Hemingway’s house in Key West, Florida.  An image of the metallic bell at Ernest Hemmingway’s House with trees and blue sky in the background.
(Duval Street Night Scene & Historic Hemingway Home)

The bottom line is, when it comes to deep sea big game fishing and a truly rich tropical getaway, the Florida Keys provide just about everything you could hope for. And, for those planning to take on the full Caribbean experience at some point, the Florida Keys are the perfect place to start. In fact, if that’s all you ever did, you’d still have the experience of a lifetime.

Just make sure you choose the right captain, crew…and the right boat equipped and outfitted with what many laud as the best fishing equipment and furnishings as crafted by Release Marine. Their primary markets include Florida and North Carolina. But, as noted above, they have a wide range of customers worldwide, reaching as far away as Japan, Australia and the countries of Africa. And the good news is anyone can visit their website and purchase directly from them at Until then, here’s wishing your Florida Keys Tolling adventure always “tight lines and a good haul”!



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White Glove Delivery

White Glove Services include unpackaging, assembly and placement of furniture as well as removal and disposal of all packaging material. It does not include any custom work that may need to be done to assure a fit to the desired location.

In stock cushions and umbrella fabrics will be included with White Glove Services. Made to order cushions and umbrella fabrics are shipped separately via UPS and are not applicable to White Glove Services.

  • Please allow 3-6 weeks for White Glove Services.
  • Non-White Glove, Standard Delivery is 2-7 days.
  • Preferred shipping option selected at checkout.
Receive Additional 5% OFF
Westminster Teak salutes and honors veterans, military and first responders by offering a 5% additional discount to all personnel and their spouses. Please confirm and enter the following information into the comments section during checkout:

  • Branch of Service
  • Rank
  • Honorable Discharge
Use promo code VETERAN5

The term "veteran" means a person who served in the active military, naval or air service and who was discharged or released therefrom under conditions other than dishonorable.

First Responders:
  • Organization
  • Position
Use promo code THANKYOU5

The term "first responder" is a person with specialized training who is among the first to arrive and provide assistance at the scene of an emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or terrorism. First responders typically include law enforcement officers, paramedics, EMT's and firefighters.

In Stock: Ships in 1-2 Business Days

Shipping within 1-2 business days applies only for Standard Delivery within the Continental USA. Does not include Made To Order Cushions or furniture purchased with a finish. It also does not include any other special Deliveries including White Glove. Shipments are on business days only. No Shipments on USA holidays or weekends.


RENEE’S in Mattituck is the premier fashion and furnishings retailer on the East End of Long Island. As a third-generation family business offering men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, and home furnishings and accessories, RENEE’S is in touch with new looks and changing trends. Impeccable customer service elevates your North Fork shopping experience.

10095 Main Road
Mattituck, NY 11952

National Marine Suppliers

National Marine Suppliers is a worldwide yacht support group providing their customers with exceptional service and industry-leading reliability.

National Marine Suppliers
2800 South West 2nd Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315

National Marine Suppliers
Twisted Elements

International Market Square is the largest home and commercial interior design marketplace in the Upper Midwest. Open to both the home/commercial design community and the public, visitors are invited to explore our more than sixty showrooms, studios, shops, galleries, restaurants and other distinct amenities.

Twisted Elements
International Market Square
275 Market St
Minneapolis, MN 55405

Twisted Elements
Westminster Teak California, Inc.
Westminster Teak California, Inc.
1350 S. State College Blvd
Anaheim, Orange County
CA 92806

1-888-592-8325 Ext 1 - Sales

Westminster Teak California, Inc.